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Site: 1 - 'Creative Online - Us' - https://creativeonline.us
Hello world!

Welcome to Creative Online ....Us

By creating this site I hope to not only have a place to share and practice my own creativity online but eventually, you also. There is much work to be done and the details will be (Read more ...)

Site: 2 - 'VReam Art' - https://vreamart.creativeonline.us
Homeword Bound
Home Page 1
Bring it on
Well, that was a long spring break !  I should also add that it was a very educational experience for me.  I learned a few things that work (Read more ...)

All Things Must End
Aedan enjoys the last sunset before he leaves Cuba.
Aedan enjoys the last sunset before he leaves Cuba.
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Sail Away
Home Page 2
Aedan tries yet again to call Noel before the boat leaves
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Still Here!
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Cracked Display

In first world terms, life has been a bit hectic lately and kept me from updating my ongoing story for several weeks....but I am still here

Changes at work mean I (Read more ...)

The Process
Call me a late bloomer but the idea of focusing on and enjoying the process, or the journey rather than the goal is somewhat of a new idea for me. Though I m sure somebody muttered words to that effect many times in my 59 years it was a bit (Read more ...)

Havana Sunset
Sunset at Morro Castle
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Time Off
Home Page 5
Almost happy
When I scheduled some time off around my birthday it wasn t because I had anywhere to go specifically but with work looking so busy through the rest of the year I wanted (Read more ...)

On The Beach

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